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Thread: Uber-easy DIY USB ALDL Cable

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    I used winaldl a lot years ago on 160baud need a serial port and the techedge 160baud circuit

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    Yes understood...serial port and 1 transistor cable works all day everyday. To re-iterate...USB, FT232 cable to winaldl is what some of us are after. Or should I say just get tprt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stew86MCSS396 View Post
    you can skip all the schematics and drop down to the update at the bottom of that post.
    Dang. Another forum to decipher lol. So it seems I did not find the info, until now, that says the FTD232 won't work on the 160 Baud. So should I explore TunerRT or get a different board to work with WinAldl ? Is there a better program that I should use ?

    All I am really after is some data logging and/or reading real time info so I can figure out this crazy intermittent problem I am having. After the remedy I want to explore tuning and prom burning but, if I can't figure out this issue, I'm going to switch heads, intake, cam, and slap a carb on this thing. I'm not real keen on a computer controlling my engine but, I like the idea of having the ECM monitor and correct the air/fuel ratio. It would be a first for me as this 1990 is the newest vehicle I've owned.


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