let me know if that link doesn't work, but it's what i bought a few weeks ago...

anyways, this convenient little piece of hardware allows you to hook up to a 8192 baud ECM with 2 wires.... no resistors, no ICs, no diodes.... just two simple connections.

and when it comes to homebrew hardware, simple is always good. just went and tested it on the MC, works great. also passes the tunerpro "test for cable" when unplugged from the car, not something i'm used to with my current cable.

so anyways, before this i was using Parallax 28030 units, which are serial->USB adapters, so i converted the 8192 stuff(basically TTL?) to serial using a MAX232 circuit, then converted serial to USB using the Parallax 28030. ever built a MAX232 on proto boards? they're a pain. then soldering into the solder cups of a DB9 connector? also a pain.

now, assuming you can get ahold of a male ALDL connector or just use the bare pins for whatever reason, you'll have 2 or 4 quick solder joints to make and then you're done. put it in a radioshack project box for like $3(since this came with it's own USB cable) and you're out the door with a USB ALDL cable for just under $12. attach a male OBD1 connector (for $15 plus shipping from, or i potentially have an overseas supplier that has a cable that can be used after some tweaking for a little under $9 shipped) and you have a fully functional and professional enough looking cable.

sell it, use it, abuse it, whatever. :)

anyways, tested at 8192 and it works flawlessly. since it uses the FT232RL, it should be a quality, long-lasting unit. i'd like to do a 160 baud test, but i don't want to try and dig out the 85 IROC ECM.