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Thread: 1986 TPI Corvette intermittent code 33 - TunerPro RT

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    1986 TPI Corvette intermittent code 33 - TunerPro RT

    I have an 1986 Corvette vert (alum. heads) 2.73 rear end with a 1227165 ECM that has a Hypertech thermomaster (original AANK) for auto tranny and AL heads. Before you go off on hypertech ... I was sort of forced into it since the stock proms were just not available. Hypertech cured my problem and keeps my engine running cool.

    I have an intermittent code 33 on my car that I haven't been able to catch on turnerpro rt which I just got running using a 1320electronics bluetooth adapter -)> only 160 baud.

    I don't have any experience scanning but the few times I scanned my car this last weekend. I used an adx file from someone on corvette forum that seem to let my system work.

    What things might I be monitoring that would be important for a code 33 (Maf High)? Is it appropriate to post scan files or recordings here to get others opinions?

    Here's a link to a scan file:
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