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Thread: OBDII Scanners/Software

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    OBDII Scanners/Software

    Recently bought (in the UK) a 2014 Isuzu D Max YUKON 2.5 Twin Turbo 6sp Manual 161Hp
    Second generation (RT50,RT85)
    Also*called Chevrolet D-Max
    Chevrolet Colorado
    2.5*L (153*cu*in) Twin Turbo I4 (diesel, Europe only)

    Dmax uses Isuzu's own engine and drivetrain. Isuzu's iTEQ engine

    Engine light has just come on & was hoping to scan it
    Looking for recommendations for scanners or preferably laptop software to connect & read OBDII
    I didn't realise TunerPro did OBDII until now.

    Any suggestions please.

    Terminal Crazy
    '95 Z28 M6 -Just the odd mod.
    '80 350 A3 C3 Corvette - recent addition.

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    A bluetooth adapter with torque pro android app works very good

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