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Thread: Issues with using TunerPro on a 94 Vette with 155k miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveo View Post
    that's alright except for the ADX file, wont work with your 'vette. you don't need the ADX anyway, eehack will do all of your datalogging

    your modifications are minimal, wouldn't expect much tuning required

    read this thread
    Hi Steveo,

    I did read the thread shown above. I was able to try datalogging my 95 C4 yesterday, and I have a couple of questions. When I hooked it up to the running car, several SES lights immediately came on. I think it was ASR off, Service ASR, Service Engine Soon, and maybe another (can't recall). Also, as I drove off on my lap around the block, the gas gauge read 'reserve' (pretty sure I wasn't that low), and the coolant temperature was at 76F and never changed. I never figured out how to load the BIN or XDF files into eehack. Do these files have to be in the same folder as the program? The files were on the desktop, not in the folder, and I'm thinking that might be an issue. I've attached the data file, in case you have time to take a quick look at it. Of much greater concern is that my transmission began acting funny after I stopped for gas. It was slipping from a start as if it was low on fluid, and didn't want to upshift. I limped it home and checked fluid level (seemed OK) and then shut it off. So, could running the car with eehack, using probably the wrong (or no) support files affect the operation of the electronic 4L60E trans? Also, if I put the BIN and XDF files in the program folder with eehack, will it recognize them and work correctly? The engine seems to run well, except that the idle speed is about 1200 to 1300 when the car is in park or neutral. I've checked for vacuum leaks in all the 'small' hoses, but still need to double check the PCV, brake booster, and maybe the canister purge lines. From my readings, it seems that a vacuum leak is the most likely scenario, but I haven't found it (yet). If you can give me any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!


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    EEhack doesn't use the bin or xdf file. That is a Tunerpro thing. Does it run right once you disconnect the laptop and cycle the key off and then re-start it? It should.

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