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Thread: New Guy, doing 95 LT1 into 83 Camaro

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    New Guy, doing 95 LT1 into 83 Camaro

    Hi Guys, I'm glad I found this forum as my son and I are installing a 95 Chevy Caprice 350 (now a 383) into a 1983 Camaro. We are using a 95 Corvette accessary package complete with A/C and want to use the Caprice PCM to run the engine, EVAP, A/C, and fuel pump which is in the gen 4 plastic fuel tank. We are staying with OBD I and the EVAP will not have the checks done in OBD II systems but will be used. The two major steps we are concerned about are the wiring and PCM tuning. I'm looking for some advice on how to make this possible. We have deleted the EGR and went from the auto transmission to a Borg/Warner T-56 tranny.

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    Check out It has a great deal of wiring and other helpful info on LT1 swaps.

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