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Thread: Opensource LS Flashing(It's Closer Than You Think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kur4o View Post
    I can get you any vpw factory flash write routine + basic commands list and seed/key algo number by a vin number.
    The offset address the bin starts and the chunk size.
    All you have to do is figure where in the ram the routine is loaded and if some of the stuff is overwritten.

    Gm even assigns them a part number, so you can make a list based on car, model, pcm used.
    I compare two flash routines for 1mb pcm and it was 1 byte difference/2004 y-body vs 2005 truck/. It could be intel vs amd flash.
    Does intel /amd pcm have different hardware part numbers.
    That's very interesting.....I it might be outside the scope of this thread currently so I'm going to PM you about this until I know exactly how/if this would be useful for what we are working on.

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    Quick status update for this forum.....

    The "Pcm Hammer" Pc program has been coming along slowly, drivers and formatting has just about been worked out for 7 commercially available tools so far. Once the framework is complete and the tools are all working with the same program core we can start working on adding in the block mode and start reading data back from the pcm.

    For mobile use the Android+Bluetooth development is also coming along nicely and has just started to read data in block mode.

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    Hi Pete,

    Looking good so far. Any idea when you will release this one? I have v1.7 on a phone - just can't do anything with it as I don't have a working adapter YET!
    Also, is this going to support the AllPro USB with an OTG cable?


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    Keep up the excellent work! It's definitely time to have an open source option for this. Some of these LS PCMs are ~20 years old now.

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