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Thread: Opensource LS Flashing(It's Closer Than You Think)

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    Opensource LS Flashing(It's Closer Than You Think)

    I never knew EagleMark but some of his old posts and information he had gathered on LS flashing and sites he had posted links to about flashing are what peaked my interest in flashing an LS pcm. It all started with an Elm 327 and I made remarkable progress with that but frankly I was in way over my head with stuff I didn't understand. So in desperation I posted what I had done on a couple of the LS focused websites and crossed my fingers I'd find people interested in what I was working on. Well it's been a bit of a bumpy ride but I've meet up with a couple other like minded people and as a collective group we had the knowledge it was going to take. The Elm327 was ditched in favor of something much more robust but a bit unorthodox. Well we've successfully gotten a BIN read out of both the 411 and 1mb pcm's.

    This ones for Mark..........his work has inspired others to pick up where he left off

    The data, software and hardware is being sorted and will be made public on GitHub as it becomes stable and in a usable state while we continue refining the whole process. Opensource flashing is almost here, it's just taken finding the right people that could bring the needed skillset's to the project to make all of this happen.

    Thaniel - The Arduino Mastermind behind the heart of all this. Your work here is unparalleled, you've turned what many would consider a toy into a force to be reckoned with.

    Garret - Your work on the VPW side of all this has been pure genius. It still blows my mind that you've made this work with out any type of commercial hardware interface..... WELL DONE ! ! ! ! ! !

    NSFW - I know some of the software requests I given you seemed a bit "Out There" at the time but with out them none of this would have been possible. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for the rest of the project.

    Antus - I know I didn't do any of the thing you told me to....and that you were never really interested in this project but with out your help this would have died months ago.

    Tazzi - I'm going to call you my inspiration..... that kept me believing this was possible..... even when I questioned my self asking if an Opensource flash was really worth so much of a headache at times
    Dimented24x7 - The work you left behind for others has been a tremendous help though out all of this and continues to help as we move forward and start working on writing a flash as our next step.

    EagleMark (R I P) - It's an honor to have found your work and been able to pick up where you left off....I will do my best to see that this is finished.
    Lost....... but not forgotten your dream will live on for years to come.
 - #1 source on the Web for anything thing related to hacking apart a GM/Holden Pcm. - This site may hold the largest collections of data related to pcm flashing that I have ever come across. - Best place to find Gearheads on the Net

    I would like to ask that you give these guys a round of applause......

    The official thread I will be keeping updated in the coming months as our work progresses can be found here:
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