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Thread: Opensource LS Flashing(It's Closer Than You Think)

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    Version 5 is out:

    A couple people reported that the app wasn't working with their AVT interfaces, and this release fixes those issues. Reads and writes with AVTs got a little faster, too.

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    I'll apologize in advance for a generic copy/paste here but I've got a lot of forums and groups to update still.

    Ls Droid is now in open beta....
    Currently only read is enabled for the P01/P59, 98-05 V6(exact coverage unknown) and the 2001 -2004 LB7.

    Once I'm confident there aren't any major hiccups I will enable ALL forms or write on the P01 and P59. V6 and Lb7 flash are still in the development stage.

    This is the last version of the app you'll ever need. All future updates can be done from within the app. As the app is updated things may change that you don't like So I've decided to make avaible ALL previous versions of Ls Droid that are stable from this point on and can also be downloaded from with in the app.

    For those that are feeling daring I've also included the P01/P59 Alpha Write version(Can be downloaded from with in the Beta app) This version was in testing for the last 4 months and only had a couple of users run into issues BUT I would strongly advise against using it on your daily driver as it does have some bugs.... and does not play nice with some vehicles. I am no longer offering support for this version of the app so if you run into trouble with it your going to be on your own.

    Ls Droid is currently ONLY compatible with the Obdlink Lx, Mx and Mx+ Bluetooth devices. However a new tool will be supported in the near future that is more then 4x's faster then any of the Obdlink devices and also costs a bit less less :)


    You can email me about any bugs or issues you run into.....

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    Right on, Pete!

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