Hey guys,

Im new to tuner pro, been using hp tuners for a long time but now they have added a user defined parameters feature to create your own tables in hp tuners using tuner pro. I am trying to get my C5 to run flex fuel and i know this is the way to go about it. I have swapped my car over to a p59 pcm and am using a 04 zo6 os 12587603. I have found a .bin file for a 04z but i cant find a XDF file for my os. To be honest im not really sure what im doing but from what i can tell the XDF file is what shows the tables and everything inside the bin. Am I on the right track so far? If any of you guys have a XDF file for the os im using it would be a huge help because im not really sure what im doing here, just kinda figuring it out as I go.