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Thread: ELM327 USB scan tool

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    ELM327 USB scan tool

    I know there are a bunch of adapters out there but most of them are Bluetooth and or WiFi. My old bench laptop doesn't have Bluetooth and the WiFi doesn't work very well. Can anyone recommend a good USB adapter to use? I am mainly wanting to do command line playing with it trying to figure out some PIDS.

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    I'm not sure it really matters, but there seems to be only a few devices that are "genuine" ELM327 products. If you believe the internet, basically all the China ones are clones which do not have ELM327 chips in them. Does anyone have a list of which ones have the genuine ELM327 chip in them?

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    Obdlink, LX model or MX depend on your needs, both have the fastes transfer or refresh rates of any that i have tried.
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