Hi everyone, My name is Ron,

This looks like a good forum to join, and I have some projects that I need to move forward on, so here I go.

My first priority is my '95 K2500 Suburban 5.7 TBI with a 4L80E, 4.10 gears and 180,000 miles. I have had it a couple of years and done some improvements like a electric locker for the rear axle and lots of maintenance. It runs "good" but is tired, and cylinder #1 is down to 100 psi compression from what I suspect is a worn cam, So a couple of months ago I bought a new L31R long block from Karl Chevrolet, completely disassembled it, cleaned and inspected every part, cleaned up the ports, installed screw in studs and added chevy beehive valve springs, comp cam retainers and a 14097395 cam, and put it all back together with an Edelbrock manifold, new GM distributor and all new Delco sensors. I am in the process of machining a TBI adapter plate and then I will be about ready to swap in the new engine. I also have Hooker long tube headers to install, and I have already upgraded the fuel pump.

Reliability and a modest increase in towing ability and performance are my goals.

it looks like at least a couple others are doing almost exactly what I am here, so it will be cool to compare notes and share info.

Second project is a '92 B4C 1LE Camaro that I have had for about 10 years. This one is in the process of a mild performance upgrade to the 5.7 TPI with a new Scat crank, PM rods, KB pistons, balanced, LT4 Hot cam, Brodix IK 180 heads and a Holley Stealth Ram. The engine is out, and I have all the parts, and the machine work is done, I just need to put it together and tune it. Then I can address the other weaknesses in the drive train (all of it, really).
it's a cool car though, it was originally an Oregon State Police car, and they installed a roll cage in it, which combined with the sound of the 3" Flowmaster exhaust, seem to be amusingly intimidating to the Honda fanboys. One downside is that I tend to put my perfect driving record at risk whenever I drive it. Don't get me wrong, I am almost 57 years old and I don't have any desire to street race, but quiet backroads and canyons are pretty boring at the posted speed limit with the 1LE suspension!

Project 3 is a '65 GMC 1500 pickup, currently 305 V6, but I intend to put a 350 in it for more performance, and better parts availability. The V6 is a really cool engine, and I have a Holley 500 2 barrel carb and HEI distributor machined from a Buick even fire V6 unit, so it runs really good. But it has about 142 horsepower and really won't pull my RV trailer well. I have a complete Howell / GM EFI system that will live on this truck, and of course need to be tuned.

I also have an '85 Toyota 4WD pickup with a 22r that works pretty good carbureted, but we all know it really needs EFI. Maybe Megasquirt with stock 22RE fuel / intake system.

I worked as a mechanic for many years, independent shops, dealers, truck shops and owned my own repair business. Careers evolve however, and I let my ASE Master Auto and Master Medium / Heavy truck certifications lapse in about 2008. I now own a business that cleans, reconditions and recertifies industrial bulk containers. I design and fabricate the cleaning and automated testing equipment, and only have to work on cars for friends family and hobby. I also like motorcycles, and have 6 of them currently.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings on, and I look forward to hearing about anyone else with similar projects. Oh yeah, I do have an AutoProm and stuff, I just haven't played with it since the Camaro was running a few years ago though. Time to get back up to speed!