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Thread: code 43 car wont start

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    code 43 car wont start

    i had this all workig with the 1995 pcm 16197427 parked car now wont start have code 43 checked wire had burned on header replace knock sensor with white connector for manual , should I have used the black one for auto trannys ???? and wire to pcm B15 place on lap top still showing code 43 & wont start ????? did I short out the pcm ?????? help thoughts would be helpful thanks
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    A knock sensor issue won't cause a no start. The PCM is fairly resistant to damage and shorting the knock wire out won't hurt it anyways. Something else is causing your no start.

    A better place to ask would have been in the "GM EFI Systems".

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    all fixed, installed new distributor and correct KS6 4.ohm knock sensor running good !

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