So i installed a 93 ecm into a 90 cavalier that was tbi. Ive gotten everything working up to getting the vss correct. With the old speed sensor connected and driving i was showing maybe 4-5 mph when i was going 55. So i read and found out that the ecm is probably looking for a 4000ppm sensor and the 90 had a 2000ppm. So i ordered a 4000ppm sensor and installed it. Now it seems like nothing has changed. I tried grounding the low side of the sensor at the ecm with no change and even ground just the high side and still no change. Am i missing something here? I did see on one other site where someone said the sensor wasnt strong enough to run the ecm and they ended up suggesting a daktoa digital instead. Would this fix my issue or is there maybe something else going on? The 90 has a mech speedo so i know what speed im going and can compare it. Also torque converter never locks.