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Thread: Memcal out of 89 corvette

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    Memcal out of 89 corvette

    image.jpgThis memcal came out of my 89 corvette. Can anyone make heads or tails of the number on the prom? My car is an 89 with 3.07 gears. So I believe I should have an ARAP prom originally. Itís been collecting dust as I have a custom chip. But Iím going to get into chip burning myself.

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    It's gibberish to anyone but the person that wrote that.
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    Ok well all my chip burning stuff came in last week. My memcal adapter came in today. I read that memcal and compared to a known stock bin for my car. definitely a modified chip. Figured I'd share my findings.
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    It looks like L98 in the center. I would download ARAP and go from there.

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