hey guys,,,
wondering if someone can give me some advice on tbi tuning chip wise for a 1992 firebird,
the car was a 305 tbi setup--- I was going to change it to tpi because I have a complete set up off an 1989...
then I changed my mind to save the tpi for another build---

here's the basics--

I have moates equipment and have used it to tune my 377 stroker with tpi--
it runs great and is consistant--- it took a bit to get used to it-- but overall I am comfortable with the chip programing and basics----

can I take a worked up 355 with good heads and 280's or so cam and get the stock tbi to flow/work good for it ???
I'm needing to be around 5500 rpms 6000 max-----

with this being a different ecm-- is there a zif socket for this style chip???? or whats the best way to work with it ???

any advice is much appreciated ,,, thanks- steve