First thank for all the earlier posts I have asked question about!! I have a 383 that was built and Iím thinking its not the power I was expecting. Hereís the build info..
9.5 compression..The shop that built it is a well known shop in this area and builds a lot of race motors from drag to dirt motors and built may motors for me also..Engine was plate honed,block squared,heads milled flat and rings file fit..
447/471 213/219 @ 50 112 hyd roller
083 heads that are pocket ported and runners cleaned up
3074 eddy intake stock(I noticed that I should have had it bored as there is a lip thatís in the flow path)
Bored 46mm TBI unit
stock 61ppm injectors
14 psi regulator spring (fuel pressure checked with gauge and at 13.5)
Fast chips piggy back chip from Ed Wright

Truck runs good but I think it should run better..I was asking about the intake, boring it to 2Ē and put on a BB TBI that I have.. Iím thinking that its running on a 2bbl with that TBI and just up to a BB one should help it..timing is set at 0* with plug unplugged..Any thoughts that you have will be great..
I removed the Y pipe and put another bung in it to see what the AFR is using a wide band with an LM1..
Thanks again!!!!