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Thread: 7427 ECM

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    Cool 7427 ECM

    I see this seems to be a popular one (7427). What’s the reason??
    Also here you talk about different colors of them so I guess your talking about the colors of the connectors?
    The one in my truck has a red/blue connector and a service number of 16196395.. Are you swapping ecm’s from different cars/trucks and then tuning??
    Also anyone here piggy back a ecm to use with a E trans and use the ebl to tune??

    Lots of questions and this is all new to me so I have been reading as much as possible and any insight you can give me or point me what to read will be great. Thanks

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    Yes red blue referes to connector colors. Your 6395 operates the same as a 7427. I suspect there was something different in them but I swap between them with no noticeable difference.
    6395, BHDF, 7.4 BBC lightly modded now 6395 BMHM back to BHDF

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