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Thread: 1985 irocz TP5 ADS file?

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    1985 irocz TP5 ADS file?

    Hello again:)
    I am trying to download an ADS file for a 85Z. I have the xdf and bin but im cant seem to downlaod ADS ( Any help would be appreciated. I'm am familiar with 730ecm/code 59. So I guess I ned to know if that or any other ads file that will work with an 1985 stock ecm and any other info would be great. I want to data log the original tune. :) thank you ... sooooooooo mucH!

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    Try the attached $1D.adx. Also attached is the original $ ( ) I imported and updated then saved as a .adx.

    It's quicker to post the .adx file then explain how to "Save Target As".

    dave w
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