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Thread: Identifying my ECM

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    Identifying my ECM

    Hello all,
    I have been away from the forum for a while since I was involved with other issues.
    Now that I am back on my project ' converting my GM 350 from carburetor to TBI' I am in a conundrum regarding my ECM.
    I pulled the electrical harness and ECM from a Chevy 1500 with a 350 motor.
    However, I have no way of knowing what the ECM number is.
    Over the year I have had the parts stored away in my shed and now that I am ready to rework the harness for the ECM, the sticker on the ECM is gone.
    I believe that the ECM is a 1227747 but I am not sure.
    The only numbers I have available to me is on the PROM (1612 AMUR 0054) and a barcode sticker next to the CALPAC (4207071310499026)
    The PROM is now useless as I broke 2 of the pins when I was trying to take the PROM out of its holder so I will also need a new PROM.
    Without the ECM number I do not know how to order the new PROM. If I can get the PROM is it pre-programmed (plug and play)?
    Do I have to buy a new ECM since I am not sure what the number is?
    FYI: My friend who has a chevy van with a 350 motor swapped my ECM to his vehicle prior to me messing the PROM up and his vehicle ran with the ECM.
    His ECM number is 1227747 so I am assuming that mine is also.
    Also since I have some financial constraints at the moment, I am looking to buy some known good sensors:
    Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS): 12146312; 25036979
    Throttle Position Sensor (TPS): 12116257; 17111787; 17111471
    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP): 16137039; 2131545; 16017460; PS10076
    Idle Air Control Valve (IAC): 17111460; 25527077; AC102
    Engine Spark Control Module (ESC): 16128261; 16131231

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    AMUR is one of the bin files posted in this '7747 ECM thread. Says it's from a 87 van so I'd guess your friend left you with the van ECM.

    CTS and MAP should be purchasable new at about $10-$15 each. Hardly worth sourcing used there. TPS is a little more. The IAC is one of the more failure prone items, so might be wise just to go new on that one.

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