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Thread: Data files for my 1993 roadmaster 5.7 tpi

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    Data files for my 1993 roadmaster 5.7 tpi

    Just wondering how things look on these files. I have installed a vortec fp and shaved the ridges on the tbi , rebuilt the TBI and shimmed the regulator spring, wondering if it is too much fuel .
    this file is from a cold start and long drive to work. I was having problems with the coolant temp reading low , not sure if its the actual reading or Im reading it with the wrong .bin sorry for the title it should be tbi not tpi
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    1992 Camaro B4C 355 zz4 cam blue print 195cc heads 10-1 cr SDPP vortec lower, edelbrock hi flo runners ported upper dyno don coated headers /WC 5 speed 3.45 gears .

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