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Thread: Adjusting Air Fuel mixture '7747 AKDX

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    Adjusting Air Fuel mixture '7747 AKDX

    Need assistance in modifying the bin to address the following condition:

    I have a modified '7747 ECM with a 28-pin ZIF socket installed in my '92 4.3L S-10. I burned the attached AKDX.bin file onto a 28-pin EEPROM which is now running in the truck. Yesterday, after running for a few minutes, the engine died and would not restart. While attempting to restart, I noticed a heavy spray of fuel flowing into the throttle and observed liquid fuel collecting on the rear edge of the throttle plates. I opened the throttle wide-open, hit the remote starter button and the engine struggled to restart but did eventually restart. I had to manually control (open and close) the throttle in order to keep the engine running; if I let it go completely the engine would die.

    Because of the heavy fuel spray, on the next restart attempt, I disconnected the driver injector wire and cranked the engine with throttle partially open. The engine started a little easier but continued to ran rough. Once I reconnected the injector wire, the engine struggled again to stay running and I had to manually open and close the throttle in order to keep the engine running. Again, if I let go of the throttle completely, the engine would die.

    Is this flooding condition due to the ECM holding the injector pulses open too long? Can it be adjusted in the .bin? What specifically do I need to do and is the needed adjustment only required in one place within the bin file?

    Thank you in advance.
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