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Thread: 94LT1 4L60E with 0411 12202088 Cal - Any changes needed?

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    94LT1 4L60E with 0411 12202088 Cal - Any changes needed?

    Hi All,

    I've got a 94LT14L60E with the 11 pin connector and no PWM TCC lockup solenoid that I want to put into my 400SBC 24x conversion project.

    Other than changing all the D2903 and D2904 PWM values to 100 (or 99.6), is there anything else I have to do to get this to work?
    Will the calibration need the other pin to be present?

    I can possibly swap the harness from my 96 4L60e box and use the existing PWM TCC soldenoid from that, but are all the other solenoids and valve body gear the same or will i run into trouble?

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    The pcm will be performing circuit test to check for the presence of the TCC PWM solenoid. a work around to this would be to disable tcc pwm flags, that will keep the pcm from worrying about whether or not the pwm solenoid is present.Or, you can swap valvebodies and internal harness and use the correct number of solenoids to keep the pcm happy.

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