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Thread: My Chevy pulling a Mopar!

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    My Chevy pulling a Mopar!

    Made my first towing voyage with the truck this weekend. Took it almost 500 miles with a U-Haul trailer to get a 69 Cuda for my old man...pulling just about 5000lbs exactly. I'm not a big fan of the surge brakes on the U-Haul, and I couldn't use a weight-distributing hitch because of them, so it squatted pretty good. It towed well though, no sway or funky handling...brakes were ok. Had to hit 4th gear up some hills but I never had to go WOT...the power was there. Mileage was worse than I expected (13 out, 11 back) but better than the 8.1 2500HD I picked up my truck with a few years ago that got 8 loaded & unloaded. I found as I was driving that not using cruise control and kicking it down a gear kept it out of PE on hills. So I think mileage will be better my next trip.

    All in all, I was happy with it. And I think it will be better with the weight-distributing hitch and electric trailer brakes.

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    Nice Cuda!

    Those U-Haul trailers pull nice and are set to rent to people who don't have wiring for brakes. But I do like my weight distribution hitch with sway bar and brake controller better. Seems the brakes work all the time. U-Haul surge brakes only work if you hit brakes hard enough to surge, then usually brake to much! Probably the design to avoid renters unexperienced in towing, from rear ending someone...

    My Suburban has tow package from factory with 3:73 gears, oil cooler, tranny cooler and the big radiator. We have a lot of mountains nearby and if I use Drive instead of overdrive at 55-60 while towing, it does not go PE. But flatlands cruises nice at 70 in OD.

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    LOL Darn I thought this was going to be another one of those chevy vs other big 3 threads. nice cuda
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    i showed a buddy of mine that cuda and he wants it.


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