1992 Corvette LT1 six speed.
Bought an ALDL (GM OBD1) Cable with 12 pin Connector USB from OBD Diagnostics.
Installed Tunerpro RT.
Installed the drivers.
Downloaded the DA2.xdf and imported the DA2.ads into Tunerpro.
I'm not sure which jumper setting I need or if I need anything else, right now I have set to the A and B shorted position. When I turn the car to the on position the cooling fan starts as if I jumped it to read the SES blink codes, it blinks one-two as normal.
I watched a few videos and did some research but I'm missing something. I remember reading about a bin file but one isn't listed the file section at Tunerpros website so I'm not sure if I need one or not. That and still not sure about the settings. When I initialize Emulation Hardware while the cable is connected I get "initializing hardware" but just hangs there and the program freezes. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or help me out?