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Thread: Need some advice on a OEM ecu for non stock (OEM) application.

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    Need some advice on a OEM ecu for non stock (OEM) application.

    I have a 1990 Toyota 4runner 22RE turbo with mt5. Have a small KKK turbo on it, LS injectors, LS coils, GM IAT, Toy TPS, Toy VSS, Toy CTS, WB O2 (or NB), crank sensor (custom 36X wheel with Ford sensor, could be changed to 24X or any other tooth count), Ford IAC, Toy dizzy with 4X wheel and 1X wheel with Toy hall sensors.

    I have considered Emtron and Holley but the $2k price tag will go a long way towards hardware. I also have a 0411 GM pcm/harness in hand and I've read some threads that are sparce on details that the pcm can be configured for 4 cylinder operation.

    Question- would this be a good choice or are there better choices out there- spend more on a flexible ecu and save on tuning or less on ecu and spend more on making it work.

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