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Thread: ecm compatability chart?

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    ecm compatability chart?

    this many have been covered in another thread but I couldn't find it in the stickys. is there an ecm compatibility chart? my ecm is service no.16197427 bjlh the second sticker is 16198135

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    What do you mean by compatibility chart?

    Do you mean what ECMs/PCMs are interchangeable, either between vehicles or different masks... or both?

    A little more explanation of what it is you are looking to do will help.
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    well I'm totally green with this form of tuning/ecm adjustment. I don't know what a mask is yet. I was meaning what ecm part numbers would work in my truck 94 k2500 4x4 4l60e? I think I may have found what I need.

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    Mark I have a 94 c2500 4l60e and it has a 6395 ecm. Im in the same boat as far as tuning here..So I may be wrong but I do think there compatible but are you sure you have a 4l60e. Most 4wds have 4l80e but I may be wrong

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