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Thread: Swap: 5.7 TBI -> Vortec heads EFI -> 0411 pcm with roadrunner from!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aksl View Post
    Yesterday connected the tech ii scanner, well first - therd engine start, the engine idles at 1400 rpm, but in about 30 sec shut, i have to apply the accelerator to keep it running, but it still shuts, the 4th start i manage to keep it running by applying the accelerator, then it starts to reach extreamly high idle of 2300-2400rpm, and keeps runing at that speed, doesnt lower the idle at all. I have connected the tech ii, go to loop, and apply the open loop, the engine dropes the idle to 1250-1400 rpm, as soon as i exit the settings, it goes back to closed loop, rises back the rpm, and SHRTFT bank 1 & bank 2 goes up till 48%. I checked the firmware with tunercat, and it`s set to open loop.
    As well it sees the transmission on 3rd gear, all thaw it is not connected, i run the 700R4. If i disconect my IAC, it drops the idle to low 650-750rpm. Anyway, instead of describing all data, let me implement the pictures and an pdf for easier and more clear view. If anyone has any advice, it would be grate, i`m braking my head where to go from here.
    First thing I would do is double check your IAC pinout at the PCM. You could have some wires swapped and that could be driving the stepper motor the wrong direction.

    I have also never seen a correctly wired and running engine with those kind of fuel trim values, even with headwork, cam, headers, etc.

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    Thank you for your advice, will check it tomorrow, hmm, i didn't think of that!

    I will as well double check the pcm connections, but normaly, since i used Lextech's swaping chart that was very precise. When i was making the swap, i was very careful, i have made stickers with pin and conector specified and marked every wire, plus double checked each wire that i was swaping. And the truck started up from first time.
    The mechanical & electrical part is not a problem, it's just time to find the problem, what is a problem for me is, if it's something to do with firmware, a specialy tables.
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