Hello everyone,

Well, i have a 1990 k1500 5.7 Silverado stepside 2-door 4wd.

I have rebuild the engine, installed KB 0.25 forged pistons, comp cam 08-467-8, 1998 tahoe cylinder heads with manifold and all upper parts, AC DELCO 217-3029 89060440 spider injector kit.

And runned in to alot of problems, programming the blackbox pcm for my setup, basically becouse i left the 4R700 gearbox, had to run a manual gearbox tune, that does not regulate the idle when in D position. Anyway, changing the tune is a pain in the ....

At different forums, as well here, i was adviced to have a look at moaets.net roadrunner and 0411 swap, becouse with it, i would be able to change my tune in real time.

I have bought 0411 from moates.net, bought an 4L65E used transmission, and was getting ready to install all that and make the final swap, just had the last bit, is buying a software to flash in and tune the 0411 PCM, since it comes without tune. So i chose the EFI Live software, that costs 250$ per single vin licence. And contacted moates.net, to make sure i cose the correct user friendly software and will be able to start my swap. So yes, EFI Live was the right choice, but i was recomended to get the EFI Live v2 cable, that costs 900$.

So my questions are:

1. Is someone here using roadrunner with 0411 PCM with EFI Live software?
2. Are you as well using EFI Live v2 cable, and what for?
3. Can i flash tune to roadrunner via usb cable comming out of the 0411 PCM i recieved from moates.net with roadrunner preinstalled and usb cable out of pcm?
4. Can in realtime make changes to the tune via that cable?
5. At moates.net, i was adviced to get EFILive FlashScan V2 cable to integrate the datalogging and emulation, that makes me confused, does that mean i can not load a tune without this flash tool and cannot use real time emulation?, than what is the usb cable for, that is sticking out of the 0411 PCM and is connected to roadrunner, that sits in pcm insead of the original chip.

I'm confused, please, could someone explain!
I mean, i will be very disapointed if it's all that way, and extra 900$ to spend, i mean if i have to, i will, since i am already involved myself into all that, but it is really not clear for me...

Thank you in advance!