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Thread: New guy on this "Hardware not found"

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    New guy on this "Hardware not found"


    I have built myself a test bench to be able to flash GM ecms. I am using an ELM327 Obd2 interface. I have the ELM327 plugin.

    The problem is that TP RT says "hardware not found". When I press the connect button with power on ecm, I get about 40 Hz in the box down in the left corner. If I turn off the power, I only get about 5 Hz.

    I know the ELM327 Interface works when I managed to get into ecm with other software.

    Ecm I have is a 12200411 and will come from a 2002 Tahoe.

    I'm new to this software but I would have been grateful for helping to get into my ecm.

    Here is a picture of how it looks.

    Have searched here on the forum but did not find answers to what I'm looking for.
    If the post is in the wrong category, I apologize and admin can move it correctly.

    Sorry for bad English.

    Best regards / Alexander.
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    Looks like its working it's logging at won't get it saying hardware found that's more for ostrich emulator and some ecus modded for real-time tuning.tunerpro can't flash the lsx ecus you can use it and xdfs to tune and then reflash with other software .

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