Hello all,

I had a chance today to datalog my rebuilt 5.7 out of a '90 cop car. Not too bad. The computer is a 1228746, ANLU. A bit shy on features in the ADX. I built a minimal dash. I found the $42 adx worked to some extent too which was nice to see some items on the $42 dash when I replayed the log that are not in the $61 adx, such as a knock counter. I got about 120 knocks in a 45 minute session. Mostly at the end on a steep low speed hill where I wanted to push the limits. I might need to pull out a little spark in that RPM/MAP range.

BLM's were a bit rich at lower RPM, 108 for the most part. Mid 120's at higher (1500 and above) and cruising RPM's. I think I can live with that since this is a 4wd trail rig most of the time.

I am curious about Hwy Mode. It is listed in the scalars. It appears it is already enabled. I didn't data log on the highway to test. Is anyone familiar with the ANLU $61 factory settings? Is Highway mode actually set? I am trying to recall the best way to test and if I remember the BLM's lock at 128 when highway mode enables, right?