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Thread: DIY LTCC or similar system for LT1s

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    I'm glad you finally acquired some coils.

    My intention with the MAP input is to use it as a trigger for compensating dwell - adding a few degrees with large increases in load (edit: for hotter spark under acceleration). I have no intention of specifically dealing with boosted applications - though it would certainly be possible. The MAP input is just reading the ADC value (0-1023) so some configuration of thresholds will be needed - again the user will be able to specify whatever they want relative to their particular MAP sensor output.

    Edit: Just to be clear, there is no version of this that I will produce that includes a spark advance table of any kind. Dwell is a different story.

    I haven't had a chance to test or do much work with the controller firmware, as I'm battling a valve that I believe is sticking when hot due to insufficient stem to guide clearance. I also think my clutch friction disk may be bent as it shakes the car so violently at mid-engagement that I'm afraid of busting the bellhousing. I'm not a happy camper thinking that I'm going to have to yank the engine back out to change the friction disk.

    Sadly all I can report at the moment is that the circuit design seems to be sound, and that it's starting and running reliably and no codes are being set in the PCM. I've had a few short test drives and no hesitation was experienced. Unfortunately I've made significant changes to the code since the last version that was uploaded to github, and I'd rather not put a flawed version up there until I have a chance to iron out all the issues. As it stands currently there are excessive degree count and dwell lag errors, but my time (not to mention funding) is getting squeezed from all directions and I'm more concerned with getting the mechanical issues sorted out now that the thing runs.

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