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I think the roadmaster has about 140K miles on it.
That's sort of at the ragged edge of my definition of "low miles" for a 22 year old car. I bought my y-body with 152k on it, and I'm pretty sure up until four days ago when I broke down and ordered new ones, it was still running the original double platinum plugs.

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Supposedly, the distributor was replaced by firestone, but it looks OEM-new to me. It came to me when it still had a misfire with new wires on it......burnt wires.
That's probably the other big drawback of the opti. It's a major B itch to route the wires decently without pulling the damned engine.

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I found mine in perfect shape in a small town in nebraska. I find it best to shop in small towns instead of big cities with boombox-obsessed punks.
That's where I live (smalltown, MO). A classmate of mine bought one as scrap last summer. I knew the original owners - he was a former Buick dealer. Sold me my first car actually. They'd both passed away and his son had to get rid of a 94 wagon and a couple 80s models. Think he gave $400 for all three, and they were all in impeccable condition considering their age. They'd been garaged most of the last 20 years save for grocery runs. Managed to get them all re-titled. Sold the 94 for a handsome profit.

I think I have the voltage detection "cleaned up" - at the very least there should be zero floating point math taking place anywhere in the firmware unless something has slipped past my eye. Created a new table to lookup the raw adc values. All that's left before I can test is to:

* have new flywheel weight matched to old one
* determine if transmission suffered any damage from running w/ nuked DMF
* finish building more permanent type of controller circuit board
* wait for replacement opti base to arrive
* wait for connectors for coil harness to controller to arrive from China
* install engine
* clean up vehicle wiring harness
* install new u-joints in driveshaft before re-installing exhaust

So I suppose I better get cracking with the wrenches.