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Thread: EFI on a roots blower with junkyard parts?

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    EFI on a roots blower with junkyard parts?

    Hey guys has anyone tried efi on a roots blown engine on this forum? I searched and haven't had luck. I saw one at a rat rod show with a 3 or 471 on a 4.3 with dual gm throttle bodies. blew my mind and I want to do my 496 bbc w 6-71. 2 reasons, one driveability and two, preserve the gawdawful investment I have made. I figure a megasquirt or other aftermarket computer will be necessary? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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    Assuming you are willing to work with the GM computer, it would be possible to use the GM TBI throttle assemblies and computer, but it's a matter of *which* computer you need to use and how you program it.

    There is a *lot* of information here on the forums. You may need to work with some of that information, and take it further.

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    I'm using aftermarket standalone EFI on a completely junkyard parts, used, 2nd hand and Ebay built roots supercharged engine. It helps that the original vehicle the supercharger and intake manifolds came from was EFI so it already had injectors and throttlebody design.

    BMW 4.4L V8 with a Jaguar Eaton M112 supercharger:

    I would imagine a TBI supercharged engine would be rather straight forward.
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