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Thread: New from NC

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    New from NC

    I'm here looking to learn. I have a 97 SS S10 that I have a Mach performance procharger kit to install but I want to learn to tune a little before I install it. I do plan on doing the 411 pcm swap and use hpTuners but at the moment I have the JET DST tuning so don't ban me right yet. I do have a wideband installed and it has a lean stumble right off idle im trying to correct right now. Ill search the site for info but any help you can give I would appericate!

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    Welcome! I am also in NC near Winston Salem. I haven't done much hptuners since I have an LT1 with OBD1 but good luck! I think you'll find some helpful folks here

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    I'm in Mooresville. Welcome


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