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Thread: Tunning For Better Throttle Response

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    Tunning For Better Throttle Response

    I have a 383 TPI in a 90 vette with a 7727 ecm I would like to tune for better throttle response, whats the best way to go about it as far as making changes in the the tune, so far I have limited my self to fine tuning the VE table and Timing table from a mail order tune and tcc lock up, highway mode, fans ect.
    383 TPI
    stock L98 113 heads
    stock TPI intake
    Headers and true dual exhaust no cats
    24lb injectors
    com cams 08-302-8 cam
    auto with 3.07 diff.
    52 mm throttle body

    I included my last data log using aldldroid.
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