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Thread: hello 440 mopar

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    hello 440 mopar

    hello new to the forum i hope i'm following proper prot i haven't delt with transfrering the gm tbi before this is my first so here is my info if anyone is willing to help i'll be very grateful i have a 1988 dodge dakota i put a 1978 440-3 out of a rv 727 non lock up i have already transfered the tbi ignition to the 440 i have the original wire harness from chevy truck i have a 1227747ecm i have a 7.4 throttle body i have a 3.73 8.8 ford rear end 26.6 rear tire hgt the motor is stock i have 3" exhaust straight duals i guess my question is what do i need to do with the ecm to keep my low end torque i dont plan on putting a big cam or changing the stock motor it cost to much to go further with a 440 so i just want it to have throttle response and burnout power at a stand still i hope someone can help thanx charlie
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