I have been chasing a closed loop idle problem. Closed loop idle works great except for a little stumble every ~5 seconds. It is related to AE but I am not sure if it is being caused by AE. Everything is idling along nicely and then I see AE go active for just a moment, there is a little stumble, and the process repeats.

I am weighing my options and thinking about open loop idle. When the truck starts it idles very happily and smoothly in open loop. This makes me think I should just figure out how to make it idle in open loop all the time and be done with it.

Is this logic flawed? What are the benefits of closed loop idle? Is the prevailing logic to use closed loop idle whenever possible? If so, why?

The truck has a very mild cam. CS-1014R by sealed power. 204/215@.050 with 112 LSA