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Thread: Dimented24x7's LS1 flash tool issue

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    Dimented24x7's LS1 flash tool issue

    Hi, I'm using AVT-852 cable with Dimented's LS1 flash tool. So far it was working OK, but I got into trouble with one PCM.

    It is 411 pcm from a truck with 9381344 operating system originally. I read the stock bin with no problems.
    Then I updated the PCM using Tech 2 SPS to the newest bin for the same VIN. It changed OS to 12205612. No problem reading/writing with LS1flash tool after that.

    Then I wanted to get a virgin calibration for another car I'm tuning, I programmed the PCM with a VIN for 2002 Camaro SS with 12212156 OS. Everything went OK and the PCM is working in the car, but after that SPS flash I can't start programming session using Dimented's tool.
    After I click "start programming session" the log says "Skipping security access" and then gives a timeout error. When this was working correctly, it would never log "Skipping security access", only get seed and send key.

    Has enyone encountered simmilar issue?

    I tried to reprogram it again with SPS, but it didn't help. I even went back to the original VIN with truck OS, but still the same result.

    I think that must be something with SPS changing the security access when programming...

    Thanks for any help!
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