Hello all,
Kinda new to this, I had been poking around for a number of years but finally getting to doing something with my GTZ. Joined up mostly to get the needed XDF file but will ask questions and put in when I can. The short of what I'm doing is working over the stock code with whats applicable from the Olds W41 showroom racer. Many people are just dropping the W41 memcal right in with out modification, I have seen a few people out there in the past that have done some tweaking to the code. Currently the plan is to move up to the 91 GTZ code as a starting point that will make comparing the W41 code easier since it started in 91 and my 90 GTZ required a different XDF. They are close but story goes GM did some tweaking on it to help smooth out the GTZ in 91 because of drivability and economy complaints from 90. Buy a performance car then complain it idles rough, gets crummy mileage and has a hard ride... Some people.
Anyway hello,