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Thread: Started another swap

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    Started another swap

    My brother and I are building up a 1987 G20 Van for him. The little 104K mile 305 TBI had to go. Stock it was pretty gutless. It is getting a 2007 LQ4 6.0L complete with DBW swapped into it. It may end up getting a 4L80E in place of the TH400. The Van currently has a 3.08 rear end so the overdrive is not going to be hugely important at the moment but might be nice on long trips.

    My super low dollar LQ4 with 90K from a 2006 2500HD cab & chassis truck. I bought it from a friend of a friend for parts for another 6.0L. He thought it had a bent crank because of an almost imperceptible crank pulley wobble. Turns out GM even has a TSB and a brand new 6.0L van had 3x the wobble this one does. Going to run it as is. This was startup before it came out of the wrecked truck. One of the bosses for the low mount compressor was damaged as well but I have no plans for a low mounted a/c compressor. Will use Lextech brackets and a L31 Vortec compressor.

    I am hoping I can use the 2006 Hemi Ram Accelerator pedal I had laying around for this. It fits perfectly on a GMT800 truck pedal bracket and plugs into the GM connector. After removing the factory G-van accelerator and bracket the GMT800 bracket bolted right to the firewall with 3 self tapping flange head bolts. With some repinning of the connector the electronic function of the unit seems to be the same as tested with resistance values on my trusty old Fluke. Guess I will know for sure when I get the engine installed, plumbed, wired and fired up.

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