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Thread: Ford Racing injector data

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    Ford Racing injector data

    I've gathered a set of data for all Ford Racing injectors that I've been able to find data for, here it is.

    There are excel spreadsheets that convert ford calibration data to GM usable format, in order for them to work you must install XonGrid add on, also attached in the archive.

    Data is provided for following injectors:
    Part Number  Flow    Body Imped  Len Conn        Bosch Part Number
    M-9593-C302  19 #/hr EV1  11-18  L   Jet/Min     
    M-9593-LU24  24 #/hr EV6  11-18  L   USCAR       
    M-9593-A302  24 #/hr EV1  11-18  L   Jet/Min     0 280 150 947
    M-9593-AA302 24 #/hr EV6  11-18  L   Jet/Min     0 280 155 931
    M-9593-B302  30 #/hr EV1  11-18  L   Jet/Min     0 280 150 945
    M-9593-BB302 30 #/hr EV6  11-18  L   Jet/Min     0 280 155 759
    M-9593-MU32  32 #/hr EV14 11-12  M   USCAR       
    M-9593-LU34  34 #/hr EV6  11-12  L   USCAR       
    M-9593-M39   39 #/hr EV6  11-18  L   USCAR       
    M-9593-F302  42 #/hr EV1  11-18  L   Jet/Min     0 280 150 558
    M-9593-G302  47 #/hr EV14 11-18  M   USCAR       
    M-9593-LU60  60 #/hr EV6  11-12  L   USCAR       
    M-9593-LU80  80 #/hr EV6  11-12  L   USCAR       
    Flow = Flow Rate in lb/hr of injector at 39.15 psi
    Body = Body style of injector
    Imped = Ohms value
    Len = Length of injector (L = long, M = Medium)
    Conn = Connector style of injector (Jetronic is the old rectangle style conn, and USCAR is the new smaller square conn)
    Cal Data: Links you to the actual Ford Racing injector calibration data you will use to input into your tuning software (note, this data is for Ford vehicles, and will not work if you attempt to use with other non-Ford vehicles)
    M-9593-A302 and M-9593-B302 are the old "blue tops" and "red tops", respectively, that are not produced any longer.
    M-9593-LU60 and M-9593-LU80 are the Siemens (Continental) injector that Ford Racing offers. The LU80 is the original equipment used on the FR500CJ Mustang.
    M-9593-F302 is the original equipment on the '99-'04 SVT Lightning.
    M-9593-G302 is the original equipment on the '07-'10 GT500.
    M-9593-M39 is the original equipment on the '03-'04 SVT Cobra.
    M-9593-MU32 is the original equipment on the '05-'06 Ford GT40 (they had 16 total), and is the same injector Whipple uses in their '05-'09 Mustang GT supercharger kits (fuel pressure at WOT is raised to increase their output substantially).
    M-9593-LU24 is the original equipment on the '03-'04 Mach 1.
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