Hey All,

I am having issues with Tunerpro RT connecting to an MEFI 3 ECM. I am using a custom cable that I have made using an FTDI 232RL to USB board and a custom plug to connect to the DLC. I have the TX and RX from the FTDI 232RL device attached to the Serial output of the DLC. The ground from the DLC is connected to the ground for the FTDI 232RL. When I connect the device to the DLC and turn the ignition on and acquire data with the MEFI 3 .adx open, It says connected, both the TX and RX lights on the FTDI 232RL light up and stay lit but the dashboard on Tunerpro does not respond. The connection icon show connected but the mhz stays at 0.03 but no data is displayed. I have updated to the latest version of Tunerpro RT and updated the FTDI driver to the latest version. I have tested the FTDI device using Realterm and can connect to the device and what I type shows up on the screen indicating that the device is connected and functional. I googled the serial number on the FTDI chip and it did not come up as a fake. I can open Tunerpro click on acquire data and and test the cable and it shows as connected and functional. The only thing I can figure at this point is that there is possibly an issue with the commands in the .adx or with the .adx file itself. Any help is greatly appreciated!!