Hello, I found this site a few months ago and what a great spot for information it has become for me. I have a 1995 G30 Van (Light Duty, it's really only a 3/4 ton GVW with SF rear and 4l60e) I am using for a tow vehicle. It does pretty good for what I need it to do as long as I am not in a real hurry because there are a lot of long steep hills here in Oregon. I first swapped the differential gears from 3.23 to 4.1 with new bearings and that helped a lot and got rid of the noises from the rear end. I lucked out and found a VSSB from a Suburban with 4.1 gear for a dollar, so the speedometer is spot on now. Next I plan on a few engine and transmission upgrades to a ramjet roller cam and possibly new Dart 165cc heads so a new tune will be needed once that is done. I figured I would break up the tuning part into smaller bits instead of throwing all the parts on and then trying to sort the tune out all at once. First I am going to try to read the stock eprom and burn the same information to another spare 7427 ecm and get familiar with the reading and burning process. That way I have the van and its original ecm in case I mess up and need to use it in the middle of all this. I have done a little bit of soldering in the socket conversion on a Honda OBD0, but had someone else do the chip, so this will be a learning process for sure.

I found this thread http://www.gearhead-efi.com/Fuel-Inj...r-27SF512-Chip from a few years ago and there seems to be some debate over if the socket is needed or not. So I was hoping for some updated advice on that. Also when I go the the local pick a part to look for a donor ecm to experiment with, I am just looking for another 16197427 from a 94-95 V-8 application, nothing else matters, correct?

Thank you for the help!