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This is the timing map I had in my 7730 TPI ECM that was running a stock TPI intake on a 1-ton 8.8:1 350 TBI engine with a LT1 F-car cam in my 1983 G20 van. PE spark is high at the top rpm because the TPI runners and swirl port heads are choking off the airflow by that RPM. More timing kept the power from falling off quite as noticeably. It had good power to ~5,200 rpm.
Thanks for the ignition map! That is helpful. I will mess around this summer, but I am not going to do the cam swap, bowl blend until late September. I keep having to tow the dyno places when the weather is good. I did look at the dyno runs on the van and there were some leaner areas at low rpm with the stock fuel map, not crazy though, if anything its too rich in the higher rpm ranges but I only run it to 4000.