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Thread: FNG, 86 Dually EFI project

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    FNG, 86 Dually EFI project

    Hey guys,

    I managed to get a private message off to lextech before even saying hello. Ive got a 86 crew cab im trying to breath EFI life into. Donor motor is a 97 7.4 vortec with a 4l80e. And yes, the dreaded 5 plug Black box.

    Picked up a 411 ecu from pull a part. Hoping to ditch this black box sooner than later. Currently researching Tunerpro and what all i need to even start. Still searching for the right USB to OBD2 connector/cord, and whether or not i need something special to upload the 2002 L31 express tune into it.

    Ive looked at EFIlive but it seems super super expensive for what im trying to accomplish. But im still learning. Ive got a good bit of Megasquirt experience, so im hoping that helps here.


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    Sounds like a fun project. I just sold my 88 crew cab dually.

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