Hello there, been playing with my transmission settings to get lock up in 2nd gear and hold lock up a bit better in 4th gear/handle more tps% before unlocking tcc. This is a motorhome application that we pull a trailer with most the time. Hoping 2nd gear lock up will help transmission temps while in the hills at slow speeds. Also wondering if anybody has been able to keep the converter locked when off the throttle in 4th gear at spds. I love the way my Allison transmission works in my pickup, would be nice if I could use some of the same features like they do with the tcc. I have managed to get lock up in second and turn up line pressure in second due to feeling it shudder after activating tcc in 2nd. But now I have a bit of a shift flair going in to third. Long story short I am using tuner pro and was hoping someone could turn me on to some 4l80e towing/2nd gear tcc lock up bins to get a idea/campare. I appreciate any info that is out there. Thank you