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Thread: Another Conversion

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    Another Conversion

    Okay, So I am working on a GM L6 250 fairly stock. it has a GM HEI dizzy. lol
    So, I have the TBI installed w adapter plate. it has a TPS - IACV - MAP all hooked up, I also have the o2 sensor installed, coolant temp switch, oil switch. Fuel Pump relayed... So here is the deal.
    running all hooked up.. It don't. but will throw code 32. disconnect iac, tps, map. it runs, and is rich as crap! however if I run all connected on 1 injector it will barely start but will start... any body do one of these fuel only swaps? or is there a car that I can rip the dizzy from that will actually FIT my dizzy port that is esc?

    Serv No 16144288 AUMJ
    Prom AUMJ 1278
    bottom of prom is

    Figure id post some pics of the project as it stands

    And this is now installed with ecm coolant temp and manifold heater.

    01/06/19 edit updated
    Currently installed
    L6 250 stock head & block
    Clifford 6=8 square bore intake
    Clifford 6=8 exhaust headers down into a single 2" pipe
    1984 chevy l6 ecm controlled ca emmissions distributor
    Boyd welding 18 gal tank with aeromotive phantom 200 in tank fuel pump
    91 Astro parts
    * Chopped wire harness
    * Ecm (stock)
    * Tbi w/ tps - iac
    * O2 sensor
    * Coolant sensor
    * Oil pressure sensor/gauge
    * Knock control mod/knock Sesor
    * Fuel pump relay
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