I have always wanted to convert my truck (95 5.7 tbi) to tpi but never had the time or money. But now 15 years later, everyone is doing LS swaps. but i still want to do it and its hard to find any good info.
I did find this website, but the guy's email address is dead:
I'm sure I could gather up most parts for a swap, but wiring instructions is a hassle. Does anyone know of any business (or individual) that can convert harnesses, sell harnesses, etc to make my life easier on this conversion?

PS - I am also willing to consider an LT1 intake swap as well, due to the 92 camaro having 700r4 vs 95 Camaro's 4L60E (my truck having the 4L60e). Thanks

BTW the reason I dont want to go the LS route is I want as many things as possible that bolt right in. Drilling new motor mounts etc isnt my thing. Putting on TPI or LT1 now as a good test for demonstration, and then in a couple of years a new block with better heads, cam, etc.