Good evening gentlemen, registered here a while ago, mostly to see pics of others builds and what not. Lurked ... old (current) engine is a stock 95 TBI with Vortec heads, beehive springs, stock 350 TBI with "free mods" and the stock flat tappet TBI cam. I find myself currently at the tail end of building a new engine. 6 inch rod 355, 2vr flat top pistons, Vortec heads with LS6 beehive springs again. Currently have an LT4 Hot Cam and Holley 670 TBI in my possession, was told by a tuner there is no way this will work in my application, 3.90 gear 4door 2WD Tahoe. Too heavy, will need too many RPMs, etc. I'm fine with another cam, the Lunati 20080660 was the one suggested. The Hot Cam was for another project that never happened. I didn't want to get another TBI unit or cam if someone can help me make this work and it will make power where I need it. I'm going to be doing a lot of reading over the next few weeks. I have TunerPro (think that was the name of the software) on my old notebook, did some data logging and looking with an ALDL cable, never burned a chip but I see that's far cheaper and easier now. Any thoughts? Am I crazy? Am I screwed? Do I need new parts? What's that smell?